Thursday, October 26, 2006

First snow of the season. The way I see it, its a good morning to stay inside and just look at the garden. Cold but pretty at 7am this morning.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

I took this picture yesterday as it was raining. Droplets of water on the colorful leaves always intrigue me. You can't see them in the photograph unfortunately.

Fall is the favorite time of year for many of us... myself included. Today as I look out at this same tree, the leaves are brightly backlit by the sun with blue sky as the backdrop. Its a great view also but the camera didn't do it justice.

A while ago we were sitting in our patio swing after blowing the fallen leaves into the garden. I love to sit there this time of year and look up into the trees. It always makes me think I should do this every day! The way I see it - life just gets too busy - even in retirement. But I'm going to try to get outside some each day and enjoy the fall.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Took this shot about 3 minutes ago... its the way I saw it then.

Imagine the way I hear it. Rolling thunder off to the NW... far enough away that I'm not shutting down the computer and it sounds as if its passing by.

Verona and I always love the way the neighbor's huge Globe Willow moves in the wind. Even as I look at it this very moment it makes me think of Nebraska for a reason that hasn't anything to do with trees... but with a sea of tall prairie grass moving in waves from the wind of an early morning thunder storm moving in.

The way I see it, its kinda nice sitting here.... glancing back and forth from willow to clouds, quickly changing in very interesting ways, to computer screen showing the way I saw it a few minutes ago.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Looking for no idea!

Shortly after I started blogging all those many many ..... um hours ago.... I saw that a second of my three favorite sons also got into the act. At least to the point of making a comment about him being my favorite one. In the days since.... blogging days which are still a bit of a challenge on this old puter... I've looked and looked and looked for that comment. I can't remember where I saw it or on whose blog it was. His blogging name was no idea or something very close to that. After looking all around my tracks in the blogs I've checked out so far, the way I see it is that I DON'T see it at all!

Can anyone help. Am I the only one with no idea how to find no idea?

Friday, September 08, 2006

Today is one of my favorite kinds of days and is a type that is too rare in our area. Right now we are enjoying a steady rain - its been raining all morning. It looks like this might be the kind of rain that will actually soak down to the roots in the garden and lawn. I love it. For the soak. But every bit as much for the feelings such days provide.

I love being able to sit here at the computer and listen to the rain pelting the leaves of the Ash tree and look out to see the droplets fall from the tips of the leaflets. The sky is not as interesting with such a general rain - light great and hardly any contrasting texture at all. But the view today, the way I see, is rich in fleeting silver streaks of rain against a willow tree backdrop, dark wet green leaves, yellow stalks of corn with darker gold leaves drooping in interesting ways from the weight of the rain, and spruce needles holding droplets catching the light from the white-grey sky.

Here is a case of the way I see it being much better than the way the digital camera sees it. It just couldn't focus as clearly as I'd like to show the sparkling droplets. You'll have to grab a memory of such days to clear up the picture a bit, and to "hear" the sounds of the rain as I'm doing right now.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fall is a favorite time for me. Yet one of the saddest things that happens at the beginning of fall is to see the garden hit with the frost. I know as I'm writing this that that is not far off.

I enjoy looking out into the back yard from my seat in front of this computer as I pause to think or to just to give my eyes a break from the monitor. Our backyard is quite typical. However, I will see something from time to time that hits me with a nice feeling.

The second planting of corn is drying. In the early sun of the day the contrast between those rows of drying stalks with their interesting curling leaves and light golden tassles next to the still green cherry tomato plants and the vines of green beans provides a pleasant view.

Several robins and two other birds of an unknown kind are casually walking between the rows looking for what must be kernals of corn fallen from the ears too small to pick. Its nice to see them getting a meal from a part of the garden no longer of use to us.

Its also nice to know that I don't have to water that part of the garden any more. Corn is fun to watch as it so quickly grows in the summer heat. And now with its purpose complete, it still provides a visual treat... an interesting thing to look at for a moment or two... at least thats the way I see it.